Dilation - Audio Drama


“Max Hochrad’s dystopian drama would have slotted seamlessly into the catastrophising era of Doomwatch and Survivors...”
Paul Kirkley of SFX Magazine

"A tense, atmospheric head-scratcher & a satisfying twist on the time travel thriller, spiced with a thing or two to teach us about our own society and interactions..."
Tony Fyler of Mass Movement
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DILATION is available via the B7 Media Store, Audible, & Apple Books...


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March 28, 2020
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Par-sec Productions is a new venture in production led by Max Hochrad, an award-winning filmmaker whose work has been shown across television and film festival platforms around the world.

The Par-sec team have a range of industry experience across radio, film and music production stretching back over twenty years. Par-sec’s aim is to create fresh, original and speculative drama that appeals to the widest audience possible.

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