Par-sec Productions

Par-sec Productions have teamed up with B7 Media to co-produce this original 90 minute sci-fi thriller.

The Story
Sometimes it doesn't matter how clever you are at running away, your past always manages to catch up with you…

Missing for over 40-years, gifted scientist AMANDA HIGGS (Sioned Jones) mysteriously reappears in London, revealing her invention from the past - a device designed to solve the world’s energy problems. But this is not a country she recognises; it’s a dangerous and fragmented state, seemingly controlled by the Forman Corporation.

Alone, confused and afraid, her only hope for survival is if she can find a way to jump forward to a safer place, but she soon realises that this will only be possible by confronting her distant past. But the journey into her past sets off a chain of events that inevitably leads to an explosive confrontation with the Forman Corporation. It also sets her on a trail to find her missing partner TOM, whose child she’s also shocked to discover she’s carrying.

Amanda’s invention has the potential to disrupt the future of the whole world, but she’s a confused woman in a strange world, with seemingly one ally, a social misfit MARNIE (Rebecca Ross). As Forman close the net around her, Amanda learns that sometimes you have to step backwards, before you can jump forward. But who can she really trust with her secret before it’s too late?

When devising the play, we wanted to create something that was entertaining and thrilling, but also plausible and accessible - a projected view of life that people could relate to. In fact, one of the themes that crept in was isolation both personal and political, which we believe, reflects the current political climate.

The Cast

Played by - Sioned Jones

Played by - Rebecca Ross

Played by - Angus Brown

Played by - Ras Barker

Emily & Freddy
Played by - Antonia Davies

Played by - Anna Fiorentini

Played by - Attila Kent

Suit 1 - played by Steve Ryland     |     Suit 2 - played by Max Hochrad

[ Other roles were played by members of the cast. ]

The Crew

Sound Engineer: Rob Mullender.

Sound design and post production: Rob Mullender, Jonathan Cronin & Max Hochrad.

Original music: Max Hochrad.

Executive Producers for B7 Media: Andrew Mark Sewell & Helen Quigley.

Written, produced and directed by Max Hochrad.


Par-sec Productions  

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